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RV Park & Resort Guidelines

Waggin' Tail RV Resort in the beautiful Horse Country


CHECK-IN TIME: 2:00PM                                                


PARKING:    2 vehicles per site. No parking on the grass or in empty sites. No trailers other than RV's are allowed in sites.  

QUIET HOURS:  10pm-7am.  You will receive only one warning for a quiet hour violation.

SPEED LIMIT:   Strictly enforced, 5 mph at all times.

TRASH:    Household trash must be bagged and placed in dumpster. No furniture, mattresses, appliances or large boxes.

RV:   All RV's must be FULLY operational.  Appearance must be tidy. No window air conditioners. Window coverings must be professional in appearance.  No cardboard, wood, tin foil, pillowcases, flags, etc in windows. Awnings must be in good condition, free of rips and shredding.  If RV is older than ten years, it must be approved by management.

RV SITE:  Please keep site tidy and clean! No rugs on the grass. Flower pots must be on site pad or removed from picnic tables on mowing day. We do not allow household furniture or appliances outside of RV's. Satellite dishes must not interfere with mowing and can not be in the ground because of park infrastructure.  Please talk with management before adding any decking or additional fencing.

PETS:   Your friendly pets are welcome. Please pick up after them, keep them on a leash when walking about the park and can not be left in fenced yard when you aren't home.  Nuisance barking will not be permitted.  We enforce zero tolerance for aggressive biting pets! Indoor/outdoor pet cats must be monitored.  

LAUNDRY: Our beautiful "Laundromutt" is open 24/7. Quarters may be purchased in the office. 

POLICE:  If law enforcement is called to your camper for any domestic disturbance, you must vacate the premises immediately following or (at the discretion of owner) by 10am the following morning. There are no exceptions to this rule.

FIRES:   No open fires are permitted. Propane fire pits are allowed.

POOL: The pool is open from dawn to dusk. Please accompany children under 18. Pool rules are posted at the pool.

WATER: No outside watering except for sprinkling potted plants. No RV or vehicle washing.

CHECK OUT:  You will receive a check-out procedure sheet when you give notice to vacate. With 15 days' notice, the deposit will be refunded or applied to any amount due at the time of departure, including electric, late and site fees.  There will be a $150 clean up fee if items are abandoned in the site and clean-up is required.

*Management reserves the right to change the RV Parks guidelines as needed. Anyone who fails to comply with these rules that benefit everyone will be asked to leave with no refund (Texas Penal Code 30.5)